. . .where fun meets funk-tional. We carry an array of one-of-a-kind items for you and your home, like marvelous  Priscilla Snyder purses, artful Jewelry, distinctive Switchplates, and other inspired Products made by artists.

Audacity Designs was a retail store on Solano Avenue in Berkeley, California from 1997 until 2003. It is now a virtual store. At Audacity Designs, we believe that everyday functional items can be embellished in unexpected ways, transformed by art, artifice and design. Our signature objects are handmade by artists--usually with a humorous or whimsical twist, combined with a flair for boldness and drama.

Explore our site. When you find something you like you can email us and pay through PayPal. Audacity Designs is also the name of our eBay store, at which we sell our Persian tile collection, jewelry, gifts, housewares, and clothing.



The East Bay Monthly-- 
“The functional art at Audacity Designs is wild and whimsical...appeals to people who like to make a bold statement and get a reaction. Wearable art abounds, as do exotic jewelry and flamboyant ceramic pieces.”
“Wild and wacky.” 
“If animals are your bag, check out the collectible sculptured animal purses.”
“A cornucopia of the unexpected,... presents a dramatic edge with a distinctive selection of, and this is really true, interesting, unusual items.”

West County Times--
“Off beat handmade goods.”